NeSt | Project Space Festival 2023

This is the logo of the Netzwerk Stimmenhören. It is in black and white. Two small persons are sitting on the shoulders of another person. The small person on the left shoulder is looking friendly. The person on the right shoulder is looking dangerously.

NeSt was the first exhibition
by Netzwerk Stimmenhören and Bureaucracy Studies.
NeSt is the name of the exhibition
and the abbreviation for Netzwerk Stimmenhören.
Netzwerk Stimmenhören is German
for Hearing Voices Network.
A nest is a place of shelter.
For more information on the Netzwerk Stimmenhören,
please click here (in German only).

The exhibition NeSt was free of charge.
The exhibition took place
on Wednesday, 14 June 2023,
from 12:00 to 22:00
at the office of Netzwerk Stimmenhören.
The office is on the ground floor:
Schudomastraße 3
12055 Berlin-Neukölln

You needed more information on accessibility?
Please contact Matthias Sohr:
and +41 76 222 4171.

NeSt featured voice hearers and their friends.
The following artists and authors are interested
in the phenomenon of hearing voices:

The Netzwerk Stimmenhören (NeSt)
is the German division of the Hearing Voices Network.
The Hearing Voices Network
offers free counseling and information for:

Self-help is important to the Hearing Voices Network.
Self-help means:
People with similar experiences
help each other.
For more information on the Netzwerk Stimmenhören
please click here (in German only).

Bureaucracy Studies is an exhibition space
in the West of Lausanne, Switzerland.
The exhibition space is run
by the non-profit association Bureaucracy Studies.
Bureaucracy Studies also publishes
the Journal of Bureaucracy Studies.
Bureaucracy Studies is about art
and other things in life.
Life is a lot to handle.
Some people manage better than others:

The exhibition NeSt was part of
the Project Space Festival 2023, Berlin.
The Project Space Festival is supported
by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.
For more information on the Project Space Festival 2023,
please click here.