Cover of the Journal of Bureaucracy Studies by graphic designer Niels Wehrspann, with the photo of a performance by Sunny Pfalzer taken by Edward Onsoh

On Sunday, 18 September 2022, at 6 pm,
launches the Journal of Bureaucracy Studies.
The launch takes place in collaboration with Magic Stop.
Magic Stop presents “Georg Petermichl: Universal Thoughts for Eliot”.
The launch takes place at Place de la Cathédrale 6, Lausanne.
For more information on “État des lieux”, please click here.

The Journal of Bureaucracy Studies
exists in two editions.
There is a French and English edition.
There is also a German and English edition.
Niels Wehrspann is the graphic designer
of the Journal of Bureaucracy Studies.
The cover photo shows a performance
by artist Sunny Pfalzer.
Edward Onsoh took the cover photo.