Kévin Blinderman | Magnus Hirschfeld

The death mask of Magnus Hirschfeld made from grey clay is lying on a cushion.

Bureaucracy Studies is showing an exhibition by Kévin Blinderman
at the exhibition space Mélange in Cologne, Germany.
The title of Kévin Blinderman’s exhibition is “Magnus Hirschfeld”.
The opening takes place on Friday, 21 June 2024, from 19:00 to 21:00.
The exhibition is open by appointment until Sunday, 25 August 2024.
The address of Mélange is Ebertplatz 23, 50668 Cologne, Germany.
Mélange is accessible by wheelchair.
For more information on Mélange, please click here.

Kévin Blinderman is interested in the life and work of Magnus Hirschfeld.
Magnus Hirschfeld was a German-Jewish physician and sexologist.
A sexologist is studying sexual diseases and practices.
Hirschfeld was fighting internationally for the rights of sexual and gender minorities.
In 1919, Hirschfeld opened the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin.
In 1933, the Nazis destroyed the Institute for Sexual Science.
In 1935, Hirschfeld died in exile in France.
In 1993, Hirschfeld’s death mask was found in Vancouver, Canada.
You can see and learn more about Hirschfeld’s death mask
at Kévin Blinderman’s exhibition at Mélange in Cologne, Germany.
The photo above is a close-up of the death mask.
The photo and the mask belong to the Magnus Hirschfeld Society in Berlin, Germany.

The exhibition is made possible with the support of
the Magnus Hirschfeld Society, BPA//Berlin program for artists,
Stadt Köln, Kunststiftung NRW and the Ville de Lausanne.
Kévin Blinderman, Bureaucracy Studies and Mélange are thanking
Ralf Dose, Anna-Lisa Scherfose, Sophia Yvette Scherer and Braunsfelder, Cologne.