Mooni Perry at “Malley en quartiers”

For the inauguration of “Malley en quartiers”,
the exhibition space Bureaucracy Studies
confronted a pastoral mosaic
by artist André Pettineroli
with a video work about veganism
by artist Mooni Perry.
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and for the program of the inauguration,
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Mooni Perry «And they begged repeatedly not to order them to go into the Abyss»

[The image shows a shepherd and a herd of sheep.
Courtesy Mooni Perry]

Together with the Association AAU,
– Architecture, alimentation et urbanisme –,
the exhibition space Bureaucracy Studies
presented Mooni Perry’s video work
with the title “And they begged repeatedly
not to order them to go into the Abyss”.
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Located in the former offices
of the slaughterhouse at Lausanne-Malley,
Bureaucracy Studies participated in “Malley en quartiers”

On these days, you were also invited to visit the exhibitions
by Marie Gyger at the artist-run space Silicon Malley and
by Thomas Julier at Bureaucracy Studies.
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